• Our focus is on innovation – the role of architecture and planning in creating value.
  • We adapt work processes, tools and outcomes to the project’s specific needs.
  • We connect various competencies, analytical as well as practical, to achieve the best result for your project.
  • We solve complex problems through experience and broad expertise.
  • We have extensive experience in ecological architecture and urban planning.

Our main competecies are: architecture, town planning and urban design, development, advice in urban strategies, spatial analysis of planning or buildings and advanced 3d-modeling.

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Kv Stabben – Winning proposal for competition

Norrköping, 2012

arkitektur + development ab with Ivarssons Bygg AB

29 unique apartments in a caleidoscopic building inspired by the surrounding industrial buildings. The building gets an industrial scale towards the water by having 4 m ceiling height, and by the use of metal sheets as cladding. Towards the street, the ceiling height is 2.7 m, which creates an interesting section. The facade is plastered, and the lens shaped balconies create an intricate waving effect. Parking is solved by a compact robot parking, the first of its kind in Norrköping.

The proposal, named “Katscha” after an old type of fishing trap, won the competition arranged by the municipality of Norrköping in 2012 against two other competitors.


Luossavaara housing project

Kiruna, Sweden 2012
Kiruna, an arctic mining city in the far north of Sweden, needs to move as the mining is digging deeper into the ground below the city. a+d has, together with Maestro management ab, developed the master plan for a housing area of 150 dwelling units. a+d has also designed 4 buildings in the area, containing some 40% of the total amount of apartments. a+d and maestro management was also responsible for the coordination of the other architects and other expertise involved in the planning, as well as the visualization and overall concepts. 



Isaberg SkiLab & Superparks

Hestra, Sweden 2008

Ajö´tristess AB with prof. Kai Wartiainen
in cooperation with Evata Development, Pöyry Architects

After a couple of warm winters with litte snow, the clients in Isaberg wanted a proposal for an indoor ski slope and a ski tunnel with arena for biathlon. The proposal was designed by Evata Development, Pöyry Architects and a+d through ajö´ tristess, with prof. Kai Wartiainen in charge of the project.



Oxelösund, Sweden 2011

Vitsippan is a nursing home in Oxelösund, Sweden. It was constructed in 2012. a+d has designed the building. Norconsult and Kustbostäder were clients.


Digital tools

Solar Study Tool – Solar analysis

Solar Study Tool is a method developed by Simon Kallioinen, that measures solar radiation of each sample point in the 3d-model. The results can be shown as a color gradient, as in image above, or as numbers at each sample point. Both temporal and spatial resolution can be set.


Flow Study Tool – Simulation of pedestrian flow and building functions

One common aspect of simulating a bulding is the movement through the building and how different layouts can enhance the efficiency. Simulations can also focus more on function and the experience of the building. Using this method, complex systems, such as logistics, can be simulated and optimized before or during the design process. 



GIS-VIS – Analysis and visualization of GIS-data

GIS-VIS is a very flexible tool, developed by Simon Kallioinen, in which the GIS-data can control almost any parameter of the visualization. 3-dimensional bar charts or other charts can easily be created. Also the boundary of the house property can be used in the chart. The data is visualized in real 3d software which makes it possible to create animations, fly-throughs, as well as ‘augmented reality’ or charts placed in a highly photo realistic environment.



Contact us

   Kai Wartiainen is an architect and professor of urban planning with many diverse projects behind him. He has been the creator of many large scale projects in Finland and Sweden. He founded Wartiainen Architects, became later partner in Evata – then the largest architectural firm in Finland, and was creative director of PÖYRY architects between 2008-2011.
Languages: Finnish, Swedish and English.
   Ingrid Reppen is an architect with a long experience of architecture and town planning and urban design, as well as interior design and arts. She has designed acclaimed projects in religious contexts, as well as residential and commercial buildings and urban planning. 
Languages: Swedish, Italian, German and English.
   Simon Kallioinen is an architect and passionate musician with a deep interest in analysis, programming, 3d-modelling and software in general. He creates custom digital tools for specific tasks or projects. Some of the tools he has created: automatic snow modeling, solar analysis, simulations of pedestrian movement and building use, GIS-data visualisations and diverse advanced 3d-modelling tools, mostly for creating nature and landscapes.
Languages: Swedish and English.


The company was founded as ‘ajö´ tristess’ by Kai Wartiainen and Ingrid Reppen in the year 2000. The name was changed to arkitektur + development in 2011 after a few years of inactivity.